Monopoly Pass GO Bonus Slot Review

Overall rating: 9.6/10.0 for Monopoly Pass GO Bonus Slot
Review by: Bingo Casino Poker
Written: February 2013

Get the Instant Bonus symbol in any position on the last three reels and earn the Community Chest Instant Bonus to reveal your Bonus Multiplier. Win the Pass "GO" Bonus by getting 3 Bonus Dice symbols on a payline. The maximum bet is 45 coins in this game, as opposed to 100 coins in the Monopoly Here and Now version so you pay less to win the same amount of jackpot!

On the Monopoly Bonus board, as you click on the dice, you'll move along the Monopoly board just like in the real board game. If you land on "GO", you'll get 2 Bonus Multiplier, if you land on "JAIL", where you can earn a Bonus Multiplier if you roll doubles within three tries.

The famous Monopoly property dealing board game has influenced a number of themed online slot machines (and some real-world casino slots too), but this is one of the original online versions that in our opinion really put some Monopoly-inspired spin into its features beyond just graphics.

Play the Monopoly Pass GO Bonus slot for free

The base game of this slot machine is a one to five coin bet on up to nine alternative paylines per spin, giving players the choice of betting up to the Max Bet of 45 coins on a single play. Naturally the five reels of this themed slot have six symbols with a Monopoly flavour to complement four more traditional fruit symbols.

Monopoly's famous top-hated and generously moustached mascot appears as this Slot's 'wild' symbol, which can substitute for all other symbols except the two Bonus symbols (which we'll return to in a moment), increasing the opportunities of a spin generating a winning combination. You'll also find the popular slots' feature of a 'scatter' symbol on these reels - the Community Chest Instant Bonus symbol's the one - that simply needs to be visible onscreen to be active. Three of these turning up on the reels earns players a payout of their bet times the multiplier revealed when one of the highlighted Bonus symbols is selected.

The truly distinctive game to be enjoyed with this slot machine is it Pass 'GO' Bonus round, triggered if the combination of three Bonus Dice symbols appear on an activated payline. This whisks a player to the Monopoly Bonus Board, where they are credited a number of dice rolls and the chance to pick up plenty of bonus credits. It's this bonus round where this online slot machine becomes far more like the original Monopoly board game in its look and feel - every roll of the virtual dice moves a token chosen by the player from the traditional set (e.g. boot, car, iron, dog etc.) around a customised version of the famous board, collecting credits awarded on the value of the properties they land on. All spaces on the board can help a player build points, even landing in Jail in this version of Monopoly - a spell in clink here gives the player three rolls to hit a double that can increase their current bonus score by five, three or two times! The Pass Go Bonus continues until all awarded dice rolls have been used up and the player receives a final bonus payout calculated by multiplying the total credits won around the board with the coins staked on the payline that triggered the bonus game. Like its sister game, Monopoly Here & Now, describing the bonus game may make it sound more complex that it is - playing this slot is very easy and players new to slots shouldn't have any problems following the action in the Pass 'GO' Bonus game.